• “You have enormous expertise and skill in the appropriateness and use of the most current analytical methods, and a wealth of experience in working in the areas of health and mental health services research.”  Jennifer, Washington
  • “During the past several years MedConsulting has provided statistical support for two clinical research projects that I have headed. The first project was a survey study looking at the demographics of primary care sports medicine physicians in the United States. The second research project involved a more complex clinical study requiring a number of statistical analyses for which your team was again invaluable, both in terms of selecting the best statistical approaches to interpret the data as well as accuracy in completing the analyses. After the study was submitted for publication, you willingly responded to the comments that the reviewers of the journal requested. Extremely knowledgeable, responsive, accessible, and friendly to work with. I would look forward to collaborating with you on future research projects, and would also highly recommend to others.” Kate, Wisconsin.
  • “You have contributed a solid knowledge of research methods and up to date statistical techniques to any group that wants to develop a grant proposal, plan a research study, or initiate a program of research development.” Mary, Utah

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